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I've come second in the Buxton Spa Art Prize!

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

I am delighted that my collagraph print "The little train, Buxton" has been selected second winner in the Buxton Spa Art Prize 2021. It was also one of the five pictures selected for the Buxton International Festival Choice.

The Buxton Spa Art Prize, which is now in its seventh year, is usually dominated by oil painters and watercolourists, so I am particularly pleased that my little print has won a prize.

It's a semi en plein air event, which means that artists have to start their work on location, but can finish it in the studio. Buxton is a beautiful place, especially in the spring, and I loved driving over from Sheffield for a few of afternoons in April and May to sketch and take photos.

Unlike in previous years, when locations were allocated by lot, participants were free to choose whichever corner of Buxton they wanted to paint. Much as I love the beautiful architecture of the town, I am always more drawn to nature, and so I gravitated towards the Pavilion Gardens in the centre of town.

I ended up making two collagraph prints (see below). In "Buxton Pavilion Gardens", I was looking towards Broad Walk from The Square. What fascinated me about the scene were there sweeping circular shadows cast by the still-bare trees. In "The little train, Buxton", I was trying to capture the essential elements of Buxton in the spring - the Canada geese picking at the daisies, the tranquil river Wye, and of course the little train that my children used to ride on when they were small.

You can see both of my prints as part of an exhibition at the Green Man Gallery in Buxton from 25 June to 25 July 2021. There will be work by over 100 artists on show, and am hugely looking forward to seeing it! Not only will it be wonderful to finally see artwork "in the flesh" again after a year and a half of online exhibitions, but I always find it fascinating to see what other artists have made of scenes that I know well and that I may have considered choosing myself.

Both of my Buxton prints are small editions of six, so may sell out quite fast. Please contact me if you are interested in buying one!

The little train, Buxton

Buxton Pavilion Gardens

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