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I am an artist and printmaker based in Sheffield, UK. Originally from Germany, I moved to the UK over 20 years ago. I love photographing and sketching the landscapes and animals of the Peak District, and these often feature in my work.

After working in watercolours for many years, I have recently fallen in love with printmaking, particularly collagraphy and aquatint etching. All of these mediums have an element of unpredictability that makes them very exciting to work with. I build my collagraphs in a painterly way, by applying pastes and gels to mountboard to create a range of textures and tones. To make my aquatints, I use innovative etching techniques that do not require the use of harmful acids or solvents.  

For me, the main appeal of printmaking lies in its need for simplification; the stripping away of unnecessary detail to get to the essence of the subject. I am drawn to strong value contrasts, and bold colours. I aim to capture the interplay of light and shade, and the moods created by different atmospheric conditions.

I am a member of Heeley Art Club and Sheffield Printmakers.

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